Discovery Mastery

We’ve found it impossible for sales reps to master Discovery without a tailored, Coach-In-Residence system.

So we’ve built one.

Actionable Discovery Guide

Master Your Discovery 
Over 150 modules to choose from.

Worked with Account Executives from Top Companies

What to Expect.

Your authenticity and intellectual curiosity can be blocked by doubt and insecurity. 

The following four focal points will eliminate those, empowering you to better control your sales conversations and more accurately predict the outcome.

Ask Better Questions

Creative tools to help your AEs ask more advanced questions, getting more direct answers from prospects.

Look for trouble

Teach AEs how to look bring up objections early, and look for any hesitations and obstacles in advance.

Eliminate Fear

As fear blocks an AEs ability to ask tough questions, and disqualify early, we eliminate that fear.

Have Fun

Sales should be fun, so we coach AEs to have fun while staying in control of the conversation.

I’d recommend AEs have a conversation with Charles when you have reached a point at which you’re pretty good at what you do…, but you’re really thinking of how you can level up the way that you’re asking questions and the type of information that you’re expecting to get from your questions…Charles is a really good person to help you level up that approach and understand the WHY behind why you might change the approach.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

“When you take the time to master your discovery skills, your sales will begin to skyrocket. It’s hard to believe, but I have experienced it myself.”

Charles Muhlbauer

Founder Discovery Coach

“The biggest takeaways I have from my time learning from Charles is just the questions that he has taught me, the areas to dig into, the times to push back a little bit, the times to ask thoughtful questions and open ended questions that ultimately draw responses out of a prospect that I just wasn’t getting before…

Master your Discovery

1 : 1 Coaching

$450.00 per hour

($275 per hour, for multiple hours).

Individualized coaching to help advance your team’s questioning skills and remove self inflicted barriers.

Group Coaching

$1150.00 per hour

($625 per hour, for multiple hours).

Designed to brainstorm and role play specific scenarios that affect an entire sales team. (5 per group)

Our Testimonials

What people say
about us

Big shout out to Charles Muhlbauer for running one – on -one sales training
sessions over the last several weeks with our sales teams at Dataminr. I have seen
first hand improvements across our discovery – AEs and SDRs are confident, asking
the right questions and coming away from calls with valuable insight and
information to move to next steps. I look forward to seeing the entire team utilize
these new tools and approaches to increase conversions, generate new
opportunities and win business! Thanks Charles!

Stett Trippe
Stett Trippe

Senior Vice President,
Corporate Vertical Sales
at Dataminr

Big shout to Charles for running one-on-one sales training sessions with my sales
team. My team was incredibly impressed. Most impressive was the speed to
improvement – – in just a couple of weeks we’re more effective on the phone,
more confident in conversations, and more aware. Most important is that we’re
adding more value to the people we call – – people are enjoying converstaions
with us and learning more about their industry and our tech in the process. this
has naturally led to getting on base more frequently and converting inital chats
into opportunities to work with more clients.

Colin Cunningham
Colin Cunningham

Head of BD at Centrifuge

I’d like to sincerely thank Charles Muhlbauer for coming to Dataminr and helping
me with asking questions that make my calls more engaging. His training allows
me to easily move my deals to the next stage because of the thoughtful discovery
i do with all my potentials clients. Lastly, his style of training is excellent. Charles is
not just invested in companies, he’s most importantly, invested in people. Truly a
luxury to have as a sales resource.

Nathan Habib
Nathan Habib

Security Account
Executive at Dataminr

I want to thank Charles for leading a fantastic Lunch & Learn with my client development team. He provided great insight on how to be effective in converstaions, how to reduce the fear of asking tough questions and how to be laser focused on curiosity. Highly recommend for anyone looking to bring a fresh voice to their team!
Sloan Danenhower
Sloan Danenhower

Vice President of Client Acquisiton at AlphaSights

The tonality and the way we deliver/say things to prospects matter as much, if not more than the message. Having a discovery roadmap helps SDRs build up their confidence during calls much faster. Without an upfront contract, the risk of having the buyer taking the lead in the conversation becomes much higher.  Don’t be afraid of asking hard discovery questions, make use of humbling disclaimers. The session was very inspiring, neat and easy to digest – full of actionable insights. 

Javier Guerrero Blanco
Javier Guerrero Blanco

Sales Development Director

Sam Jacobs
Sam Jacobs

CEO @ Pavilion

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