What our clients are saying about us

“You have taken my entire mindset regarding this job and shifted it. Not only from moving towards a consultative mindset from a “typical” sales approach, but also from viewing this less as a job and more so as a craft. You helped me understand there is a toolkit of skills that I can deploy in various situations that elicit different responses. This mindset is applicable to selling and person to person interactions on a daily basis. From a team perspective, the teachings you brought have opened the gateway for us to anchor on value and customer needs, rather than checking our boxes to make a sale. You’ve helped AEs improve their skills which in turn supports revenue generation for the business.”

Chris Hattar. - AE

“You’re a powerhouse of information. Your knowledge of human tendencies, sales tactics, and resources is unparalleled by anyone else on the team. You are the only one with the bandwidth, proven consistency, and demonstrated ability to coach and empower reps 1×1. The modules you built out in MindTickle and the libraries in Gong are so much information, time and effort invested in them. They are gold mines of content. The team knows who you are, your brand, and what to expect from you. Even yesterday in SDR book club a rep asked a manager how to handle a certain type of intro on a call, they discussed for a couple min and ultimately said “talk to Charles about this”. You are seen as and respected for being the authority on best sales practices.”

Emily Sperber. - Enablement Manager

“I think you do an amazing job at understanding our point of view, and helping us come up with a proactive solution. for example, when I was having trouble on cold calls, we worked together to identify WHY exactly I haven’t been as effective as I would like. Ever since, I get great feedback on my tone and my pitch, and feel much more comfortable talking about how CBI helps teams in layman’s terms (i dont have to be formal like i thought i had to!). I also appreciated how you acknowledged that great cold call I made, it seriously made my day. but above all i try to absorb all of your recommendations because they’ve proven to help me so far. I was above quota in Feb and I know that your coaching was integral to my success so I thank you! I also read all of your coaching messages and keep up with your coaching posts on LI. always helps me to have new ideas and strategies rolling in.”

Kendra Wechsler. - SDR

“On a team level, you’ve created a culture around sharing best practices, constructive feedback, and active learning and development that never really existed before. Through the salescoaching channel, Gong reviews, group coaching sessions, etc. The discovery call guide and coaching channel are both gold mine references to help prep for calls. On an individual level: i’ve shared this before and i think it’s been communicated in a leadership setting, but our coaching sessions have leveled up my game to the nth degree. you’ve worked with me on deals that have gone on to close as a direct result from emails you’ve helped me draft, strategies we’ve talked about, calls that we prepped for, etc.”

Nicole Pernice. - AE

“Charles has significantly supported my discovery development – direct takeaways from our sessions include leading with pain, stronger upfront contracts, tying customer pain to the value we provide, knowing when to pause, and building credibility with prospects, talking through how to add value to my SDRs – I’ve directly copied his teaching style to use with my SDRs. This prompted me to win an AE/SDR relationship award by continuously coaching my SDR, which has prompted their own development. I also constantly recommend my SDRs directly meet with Charles to develop their own skills and work through ideas, proactively providing resources to continue to support my growth and development – Charles follows what’s going on with me, understands my sales style and weaknesses, and proactively suggests resources that he feels with help me to plug these gaps.”

Tom Savoie. -  AE

“Charles has been extremely valuable to the SDR team. Charles is constantly running 1on1 coaching sessions with different reps across the team in addition to doing group trainings multiple times per month. If there is a topic that the leadership team feels our reps could use more training on, Charles is always willing to put together a session. His trainings are extremely engaging, as he doesn’t spend time boring everyone over a wordy deck, he keeps his methodologies simple and digestible. He helps reps to see their own mistakes on calls and emails instead of just providing answers in coaching sessions. Charles also leads several onboarding sessions, and takes a genuine interest in everyone that he crosses paths with. Charles provides a ton of value to the SDR team and we are lucky to have him.”

Dan Dennison. - Director of Sales Development

“I don’t think I have ever candidly said this to you but I appreciate your teachings more than anything. seriously, you’ve made me into a beast, in all types of conversation/communication. I am so much better at what I do now because of you Charles, thank you. As I stated to Michelle and Dan, you’re a key reason it’s important to me to stay here/grow here.”  – “In all honesty, every time I have spoken about “how” or “what did i do” in order to get to this point, I mention you and all that you taught me. I can finally say this candidly, you are the fu***** man, and I seriously owe nearly all of this to you. You helped me turn the corner, on my skills. I always knew I was pretty good at this sales stuff, but you gave me an edge that I could never find elsewhere. Plain and simple, I’ve always been a huge fan of you, you’re an awesome individual my friend and I thank you immensely. Let me know if it would be the worst idea, if we kept in touch in the future ahahah”

Joe F. - SDR

You have been such a grand help to not only myself when I was a rep but to my team and the greater sdr team. From when I was a rep, you have helped me improve my cold call skills by giving me clear responses to typical situations and taught me to be curious if someone gives an objection. We created a doc together that gathered all these insights from cold calls, discos, emails to linkedin suggestions. This doc that helped me when I was a rep, I have shared with my team as a manager. To my team, I know you have helped various individuals, especially Kendra in being more comfortable on cold calls and having a natural conversation while still digging for pain points. I would say the biggest area that you have helped was in cold calls/discos. I always tell my team to leverage the fact that we have a sales coach that’s knowledgeable in what he does.

Melanie Giancola. - SDR Manager

I’ve said this to many people on the team but what you bring to this company especially the BD org is invaluable. Transitioning from an SDR and AE can be difficult because of how differently you need to approach discovery and you’ve completely upped my game in digging for pain and selling on the value of CB Insights. Even after just a couple months of our weekly 1 on 1, I have seen great strides in my ability to run discovery. I constantly refer back to my notes from our sessions before calls to see what else I can implement from you since even the smallest of phrases or “those three words” can impact how my calls go.

Austin Machhi - AE

Hey Charles, just want to say thank you for all that you do. I recently reflected on my development and recognized that my skills have grown exponentially since joining cbi; mostly because of the sales framework/mindset you preach. You have been an invaluable resource on a personal level, as well as on an organizational level.

Vance Giarratana

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